What is HotelAdvisor.net ?

HotelAdvisor.net , is an online reservation platform that allows hotels to perform their own Internet marketing and sales.
This platform is included in HotelAdvisor.net sales portal with applications and web site created on new address for every hotel.


What is the aim of HotelAdvisor.net

The aim is to use hotel's


  • web,
  • social media,
  • mobile applications and
  • B2B communications data

in an integrated manner to provide both


  • potential customers and
  • vendors

with possibility to make room and transport reservations.


What Are the Main Features of HotelAdvisor.net ?

  • supports 40 languages and 95 currencies,
  • uses the safest SSL technology,
  • ooptimises hotel's name, address, features and photos for searching engines,
  • can perform credit card transactions,
  • can provide selling of extra services in addition to reservation,
  • can be integrated with hotel management program,
  • receives re-directions from the best reference systems like TripAdvisor, Trivago.
  • can transfer and receive information to and from other online sales channels,
  • poadcasts on the safest servers (Microsoft Azure Cloud Server),
  • transfers complete payment to hotels without commissions or extra charges.
  • all these advantages can be obtained with approximately 20EUR per month.

But the most important feature is that this system completely belongs to hotel .


What is different about HotelAdvisor.net?

HotelAdvisor.net is different than other sales portals because

  • web address,
  • content,
  • sales revenue and
  • customer data are entirely owned by hotel.
Thereby hotel can sell its rooms and re-market itself to customers without paying extra commission; it can continuously increase its publicity and pand value.
In pief, hotel, through HotelAdvisor.net enhances its name and presence on Internet investing in its own future and well being.


How to sign in and use HotelAdvisor.net?

For only 20Euro per month hotels can become members of this platform and easily update new web page provided for them. Content of the web page is easily
changed: photos are added by dragging and dropping and text and colours are changed by only clicking on them. The updates made are simultaneously
activated on hotel's web site, on portal, social media and mobile world and change dynamically and constantly.

Hotel can use HotelAdvisor.net web page and applications directly as its own web site or it can be integrated in currently used one.

Hotels will not pay extra commissions and charges for reservations coming from web page given to hotel, from mobile and social media applications or
HotelAdvisor.net sales portal.


HotelAdvisor.net and Other Sales Channels (B2B)

HotelAdvisor.net functions in a way to increase and facilitate sales of other sales and online reservations portals. It provides these systems with online availability and price information and transfers coming reservations to hotels.

Other vendors can sell rooms on their own web sites according to commission rate defined by hotel. This commission rate can change according to markets
and periods. Hotel does not pay commission and charges to HotelAdvisor.net portal and applications; it pays only sales commission defined for other vendors.

In this way hotel can easily reach and open its room sales to both direct customers and other vendor points that wish to sell it.

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