Dr.Güray Sexual Aesthetics Clinic

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I graduated from Antalya Lisesi and won the medical faculty of Hacettepe University in 1989. I completed my specialist education on gynecology and obstetrician in Ankara Numune Research and Training Hospital in 1989. I worked in public hospitals for 4 years.Then I passed the private sector and worked at the founding partners in my hospital . Since 2011 I have worked at different institutions in Antalya. I have been involved in my private practice because of clinic patient density, ideal and ethical understanding since 2016.


I have been working in my private clinic in Antalya since 2016.I performed genital aesthetic operations with pleasure and successfully. I perform labioplasty, clitoral operation, vaginoplasty and similar sexual surgeries that is called sexually oriented operations. Since 2001, I have done genital aesthetic operations.


My clinic has medical devices and instruments such as four-dimensional ultrasonography, fetal monitor, sterilization instruments and other specific devices and instruments.We can do the necessary blood and urine laboratory tests in our clinic.I perform my operations in Antalya's best A class hospitals.There are a lot of hotels, entertainment places, shopping centers and beaches in my clinic environment . Here is 12 km away from the airport. The public transportation is a easy and convenient way to arrive my clinic. ASASAA

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